About KOVA

KOVA Jewels is the fine jewellery line conceived by Russian-born, London-based creative director Katie Kova. A natural instinct for dynamic forms, combined with a uniquely modern vision, has defined KOVA Jewels since its launch in 2015. Kova’s elegant lines and shapes reflect a new generation of gender-neutral jewellery, one with timeless appeal and a clean, compelling aesthetic.

With each new collection, Kova seeks to delve further into the endless possibilities of geometric composition, while staying true to the brand’s founding principles of timelessness and wearability. Signature pieces include double-rings, hoops, single earrings and chokers — contemporary and versatile jewels dedicated to a forward-thinking, design-conscious wearer.

For Kova, each jewel is a piece of sculptural arrangement in miniature, made by skilled artisans using the finest materials.